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Bri Worley

Color Guard Technician - Flag

From New Oxford PA, Bri started her colorguard journey at New Oxford High School in 2012, where she marched in their outdoor program for 3 years. During that time, she had the absolute privilege to be team captain and help instruct the middle school program.

Directly out of high school, Bri got her first taste of indoor guard in 2015, performing in Delaware Valley University’s indoor guard program.

The year prior, Bri had the privilege of directing her first program ever at Delone Catholic High School, where she stayed for 3 years and found her love of instructing.

Bri now directs the colorguard program at her alma matter as the colorguard Caption head, and has had the wonderful opportunity to also help out other programs, such as Gettysburg College.

When she isn’t instructing, Bri works at Field and Floor FX as the Administrative Assistant, where she is incredibly thankful for her job that allows her such creative freedom and encourages her love of the arts.

Outside of all things colorguard, Bri can be found snuggling up with her cat, FatBoy, and reading a book.

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