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Haley Batchelor

Color Guard Technician - Rifle

Coming from Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania, Haley has been involved in the marching arts since 2008, joining the Cumberland Valley Marching Band and then moving onto the Shippensburg University Red Raider Marching Band. Haley has marched solely as a colorguard performer. Throughout her 6-year marching career, she served in many leadership roles including captain in both programs. 


Upon her departure from the Cumberland Valley Marching Band, she was brought in as a Cologuard visual tech, and eventually co-caption head of the Jr. Guard Program in 2011. In 2014 Haley made the move to Big Spring High School as a colorgurad visual tech for the indoor and outdoor programs. 


In 2017, Haley became Co- Director of the Big Spring indoor program. In her tenure there, she has worked with Co-Director Catherine Rogers to continue the growth of the program. The program marches locally in Cavalcade of Bands, Keystone Indoor Association (KIDA) and Winter Guard International (WGI). Through their dedication and drive the program has received multiple accolades including 2017 Cavalcade of Bands High Auxiliary, 2018 KIDA Bronze Medalist, 2019 WGI Philadelphia Finalist, and 2019 KIDA Silver Medalist. In addition, Haley has served as the Co-Assistant Marching Band Director since 2018. She has also been the co-caption head of the Shippensburg Area High School Marching Band and a guest instructor at a multitude of other programs. Haley enjoys getting to give back to the activity and teaching new students the passion of colorguard. 


In her free time, Haley is usually spending time with her husband and Friends, and hanging out with her 4 cats and new puppy Finn.

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